Adventures with purpose

Navigate the next chapter of your journey efficiently, enjoyably and authentically wherever the destination.


~ The chosen period of time after which you are not the same person as you began

Security is important but It being positive depends on what it is you’re securing.

Adventure with Purpose is customising the circumstance to suit the next step of the journey which allows you to express the person you want to be remembered for; not conditioned to be.

The requirement to change has been recognised and as nerve wrecking as change may seem, when you know what, where to find it, how to get there and why you want to start you can look forward with excitement. That’s the supreme power that adventure with purpose will give you.

“Oli would love me to talk about the journey I’ve been on and then expect me to roll my eyes…. but the truth is, this journey is far from over. I’m excited about where this adventure is taking me. It’s not a chore anymore”

The adventure is yours; the map, vessel and conditions are bespoke and an our session with me will be too.

you The vessel

Don’t sail solo without knowing how to effectively use, maintain and care for your vessel. 

Your body and its fuel.  Make effective choices for optimum energy.

Nutrition, Sleep and Physical Health

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The conditions

Understand how your vessel interacts with the conditions and choose those which bring out your individual brilliance. 

Your environment sets the context for growth.

Mental, Social and Environmental Health 

The map

No longer with a passive approach to health; you have the body, environment and energy to express the person you want to be remembered for.

Your Purpose and Legacy

“The difference these days is that I now don’t see any limits, mentally or physically. Another thing I’ve learned, is to be kinder to myself….easier said than done!

G. Wills

Starting price £50 Per Hour