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Parents with Purpose

Esse est persipi

~ (latin) to be (or exist) is to be perceived

A parent with purpose is beyond compare and unconcerned by perception.

The idea that there is one way to grow, learn or attain goals, is wrong. Whether its learning to walk or learning to ask for help, there are many, equally valid ways to reach the same outcome.

We humans are not designed to follow this current blueprint and most of the pressure we put on ourselves stems outside influence. We have the power to change this.

In the method of change, there is no room for comparison with others. Each person is unique and will come to understand themselves via different paths. We start by meeting and allowing you to express yourself; In nature, away from influence and obligation, and not under the ever-present stopwatch of modern day life.

You paint a picture of your ‘best case scenario' - for health, adventure and goals. Whether it be startling your own business, training as a psychotherapist or holding a handstand; individual and accountable.

Identify a unique pathway to your optimum. Drawn from your individualism, I’ll guide the route and you will make the journey.

It’s time to discover something you’d forgotten and didn’t know you’d lost; integrity (the value you give yourself). Your integrity is reflected on your plate, by your rest, in your body and with your ambition. Our time is designed to optimise every area starting with the re-energising of the body.

Children should be inspired by parents seeking their best case scenario for as long as is possible. It starts and ends with health.

"I contacted Oli because I wanted to improve my health but I didn’t know how. I had vague knowledge about eating “right” and exercising regularly, but I had a very full life and was struggling to keep fit and well.
Working with Oli has been eye-opening. He has helped me to understand that looking at your whole lifestyle benefits your health - not just the daily workout - and that lots of small changes make a big difference. I have found to my surprise that some changes I thought I would not wish to make (such as drinking less wine and making more time for sleep!) have come naturally as my fitness has progressed and my attitude to health and wellbeing has altered.

Since I began working with Oli I have strengthened my whole body, improved my sleep, lifted my mood and become more efficient and confident at work. It is not always easy to make changes but Oli is positive, intuitive, understanding and constantly encouraging. I heartily recommend working with him”
R. P-F

Sessions are 1 hour at £60 P/H